Things That Helped Me Post-Pregnancy

Being pregnant with Kai was a little different as we pretty much knew what to expect. In other aspects though, there were things that pretty much stayed the same, especially when it came to post-pregnancy recovery.


How To Prepare Your Firstborn For A Sibling

Zion was our only child for four years. Even if he has a lot of playmates and cousins, he always had 100% of mom and dad's time, love, and attention. Now, he's not going to be the only one anymore. While I'm thankful that he's very excited at the thought of having a little brother, many moms would know that it's not always easy for a firstborn to accept having a sibling.


March Favorites

March is almost over! I am sure everyone’s making preparations for some well-deserved summer vacations. If it were any other year, my family would probably do the same, but March signified the arrival of Kai Lahbati Gutierrez! My hands are pretty full right now as a result.


Giving Birth To Kai

Being pregnant the second time around was much different, as was giving birth this time. I've told you all about my pregnancy in these last few weeks, but even the birth was something I wanted to share. When you do it for the second time, there is a better idea of what to expect and what to prepare for.


Artists I Wanna See Live

Music is life. There is just no other way to put it. I believe there is a perfect playlist for every waking moment. I can’t imagine each day without my headphones and my many Spotify playlists along for the ride.


Maternity Shoot

The days seem to be passing by both slowly and all at once. In an age where we can take a million selfies in a day without care, it is becoming clearer to me how much we need to bask in special moments. It would be an even greater bonus to capture them in the most perfect way such as this maternity shoot I had with Zion.