My June Favorites: Travel Essentials Edition

For this installment of my monthly favorites, I wanna share with you guys my travel essentials! I know a lot of people (including myself!) are guilty of underpacking or overpacking for a vacation. But when you make a list and map out what you need (read: what is practical), then you can go about your trip with less hassle.


“Geography,” “Ye,” And Other Music I’ve Been Loving

To take a break from the other posts, I wanted to share with you some recent music releases that I’ve been listening to now. This is very special to me because I am the type of person who gets a feel of other people through their music. By sharing this, I hope you get a glimpse of what I like, and how these encapsulate my current state of mind.

Health + Fitness

Caring For My Post-Pregnancy Body

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me sharing some stories lately of being at the gym and working out. It took a few months post-pregnancy, but I’m finally feeling good enough to get back into shape.

Style + Beauty

Let’s Talk Travel Style

My family and I are incredibly fortunate to be able to travel a lot. We make it a point to spend time together this way because often, this is one of our main ways to bond while checking off places to see on our bucket list!

Style + Beauty

May Favorites: Weird Weather Edition

The weather has been so insane! We had two months of almost scorching summer heat, and finally, we’re getting a little bit of rain. It’s enough for anyone’s skin to start acting up!


Things That Help Induce Labor

There comes a point in every pregnant woman’s life that they feel so incredibly big, they can’t wait to get the baby out already! If everything goes well, at about 37 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, you should be expecting the baby to arrive anytime soon. This is unless you have a special agreement with your doctor to be induced.