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2017 Highlights

2017 has been one great adventure! I know a lot of people like to use this term to describe the year that was, but I can’t help but feel like it’s so appropriate. It has been full of great memories and milestones.

Style + Beauty

Makeup Tips From Venice And Lorin

I let my nieces Venice and Lorin do my makeup in this video. Apart from all the laughing and me thinking very deeply if I’ll ever do this again (just kidding!), they shared some of their makeup tips as well! Venice and Lorin are teenagers, but they really know how to contour and blend and line! (What was I even doing at their age?) While there were some uneven wings going on, I thought the end result was pretty nice!

Style + Beauty

Overcoming My Insecurities

Confession No. 1: I was an insecure teen. As a teenager, I felt so unsure, doubtful and self-conscious. I had wavy hair. I thought I was fat. I moved awkwardly. I wore the wrong clothes, apparently. I kept comparing myself to other girls who had straight hair (like they stepped out of a shampoo commercial) […]